Understanding Humanities – For humans, by the humans

Human beings are the only creation of God who has the ability to think and response to a given situation. The evolution of human has changed the global world and has changed the world altogether. It is believed that the evolution of human has completed the cosmic life cycle. Thus human beings are the most important part of the environment. They are the people who have the ability to make the resources of the environment effective and defective at the same time.


But, with the changing times, needs and demands, it is seen that the greed and selfishness of humans have also increased. The human geography is not restricted to a single place, but is spread over by and large. But with the increasing number of people, it is seen that humanities have gone down to a very low extent. In fact it is feared that, in the coming few years, people may get so selfish that there will be no care left in a human. Mahatma Gandhi, once said, “The earth has enough to satisfy human needs, but not human greed”. He was the man to first predict that there will be a time when a human itself will not care for his fellow beings. But, it is assumed that with changing times, now, people have again started to show love, care and affection towards their fellow beings, may not be in happy times, but surely when there is a need felt.

Why humanities are doomed?

It is seen that in the olden days, people had more attachment and more concern for each other. Below are the reasons for people not having that attachment these days –

  • People these days are busy grooming themselves to match up with their own self, or to create a prestige value
  • Because the teens these days are too ambitious to focus on anything else
  • people today, hardly remember their own important days, that it has now become next to impossible for them to remember anything else
  • The technology has given enough for people to be busy in themselves
  • Because people in today’s generation are satisfied by just updating the status to express their feelings, rather than actually going out on the street and acting against things that bother them
  • Because the “21st century” generation believes in gossip and breaking news rather than actually acting upon the things going wrong
  • People believe that they are incapable of doing anything, and trust and depend on legal authorities for anything and everything

Certain assumptions as to why humanities are important

It is believed that humans are the only creatures who can think and can express their emotions. In the perfect sense even animals can respond to their feelings, but, they do not have the ability to think. They just have a heart but not a mind to decide what is right and what is wrong. This is one of the major differences between human and other creatures. Thus a feeling of belongingness is only expected out of humans. Wondering, why this is so important? Read on to find out-

  • Use it, to be a human- this is the very first importance of having the feeling of humanity. Having this feeling will help you satisfy one that yes, you are human and that you care for your fellow beings
  • Having this feeling, will help one too cope up with ego clashes, and will help one to develop from inside
  • It helps to build rapport, and gets in an individual the feeling of being one, the feeling of belongingness
  • Practically speaking, it helps one to come out of stress. It benefits both- the giver and the receiver. The giver is satisfied as he/she feels that they have significantly contributed back. And it benefits the receiver to come out of stress, depression or any kind of tension as he/she feels, that somebody is there who cares for them

The human condition has been worse in the last few decades, but today the condition seems to be rising. It is only because of the changing attitudes of the people


What does it actually mean to be a human?

This question might actually be very difficult to answer, as people might just consider this a waste of time, and may claim to be busier on other important aspects of life. But they fail to understand that if they do not care for people, a day will come when no on will care for them. People of olden days, were remembered even after death only because of the good deeds that they could do for themselves and for others. It is human tendency to like only those people who stood by you in times when needed.

It is a proven fact that human development will only take place when all the people living work together to achieve what ever they wish to in life. Take an example of a car- the car will move forward only if all the tyres sync, only if the engine worked, only if the fuel tank is filled with fuel. The car will break down, if any of the above parts are damaged or are not contributing towards the movement of the car. Thus, it is important that all the human, behave like humans and contribute towards humanities, to build up a society that is a better place to live and enjoy the little pleasure of life with the loved one also contributing to the happiness and sorrows of each other’s lives.